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Sandringham Enterprise

A community charity serving Marham in Norfolk, UK and the residents of its hinterland


Our charitable aim is to provide innovative community buildings,

services  and events for education, leisure, jobs and training

The Sandringham Enterprise Centre Limited  Charity No. 1142804 -  A Company Limited by Guarantee in England & Wales  Company No. 7424061

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The Sandringham Enterprise Centre is an independent charitable, community organisation - created to grow community services in and around Marham in Norfolk, U.K.


The charity is also engaged (2011/2012) in project development  for community groups, local businesses and statutory organisations. Including such partners as childcare, adult education and other training and learning providers.


We will, as a community charity fully committed to our social enterprise aims, work hard to encourage and grow other local community enterprises. Making the most of our rural assets and our skilled people.


We will undertake bid development, write bids for our own projects and also work in partnership with others to maximise the facilities and assets available to support and encourage our community of interest in Marham.


For example, the web site you are currently looking at is designed, coded, hosted and the content supported entirely without cost by donation from a management consultancy/project management partnership in East Anglia.


We believe by encouraging enterprise to support our charity, then we can foster enterprise in our own community in West Norfolk.


The culture of our charity:


We work as volunteers. Our board of trustees and company directors volunteer their time and expertise from a variety of backgrounds to foster our work. From community development, social enterprise development, art and design, childcare, company and charity governance specialists - all are committed to donating their expertise to delivering the work of SEC in the future.


We have residents of our community and serving uniformed personnel on our governance team, which has an even gender split.


We are an open, learning and family friendly organisation.


The impact of our charity:


Our area is essentially, a remote rural enclave, albeit with a demanding and stressful operational core. Our aim as a charity is to encourage learning and enterprise and to deliver a wide range of relevant and timely services to support the endeavours of the people of Marham.


Our social enterprise invests its surpluses in that community. If you buy a cup of coffee from us, for instance - the surplus made goes directly to buy more pushchairs, computers, training courses and childcare for the locality.


Our surpluses, if we make any, do not leave the area

- we invest the money in encouraging our community.




Things we can do to help...


Provide help and support around good governance, committee systems, reporting your community group activities.


Offer advice about funding, and how to make the most of opportunities.


Help you write and submit bids to funders.


Talk to you about and help you plan the creation of a social enterprise - what is it, how will it work, what will it do?


Help you start or develop a community enterprise in our area.


Work together with you to deliver a broad range of community projects.


Promote learning and skills in our community.


Provide structured opportunities for volunteering.


Our community services are free at the point of delivery.





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