What is RSS and how do newsfeeds work?

This is Really Simple Syndication – we use rss on our blog, here at Marham, to make our charity news and updates automatically available to everyone.

When you are browsing the web and see this sign, just click it – this will enable you to subscribe to the newsfeeds about the theme or web page you are looking at.

On our blog the newsfeed link is at the top of the right hand column.

First steps:

There is some great free software to help you get news regularly – web based solutions allow you to get your news from any web connected computer.

Google Reader is a free online service, which enables you to subscribe to news and Google automatically updates you newsreader pages whenever you log-in.

(You will need to sign up for a Google Account though – a simple, quick process).

Web browser based news:

Another really simple way to handle newsfeeds is to download the free Opera browser.

This is a fast, secure web browser (it comes from Norway) and allows you to subscribe to regular news updates. When you have installed your new free web browser, come to our blog and click the rss feed link above.

A preview will open in Opera, so that you can see the news and images we have available. Just click ‘subscribe’ at the top of the browser window.

Opera will add your news to your browser feed list.

Whenever you want to catch up with the latest news, just click the ‘feeds’ button in the Opera task bar at the top of the browser.

It really is simple syndication.

Give Opera software a try – its safe, secure and free.

Helping to make the web more accessible for you at Sandringham Enterprise.

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