What is a Trustee?

trusteeWeekPic2011The Charity Commission have just launched details of Trustee Week for 2011 (31st October to 6th November 2011).

Who are they, what do they do…can I become one? The week is designed to raise awareness of trusteeship. As a charity beneficiary or partner organisation you are encouraged, supported and considered by charity trustees.

Trustees’ Week 2011 will celebrate the fantastic work of existing trustees and aim to increase awareness and understanding of the trustee role. Part of the campaign will encourage existing trustees to send photos and video clips of themselves and their boards to be posted on the Trustees’ Week website saying why they became a trustee and what they enjoy about it.

There are over 180,000 charities in England and Wales, with over 850,000 people acting as trustees.

They represent an enormous social resource, working for the benefit of others, for the public benefit.

Interestingly, the average age of trustees is 57 years, with only 0.5% of all trustees aged between 18 and 24.

Come on boards of governance, if you have a vacancy why not recruit someone under thirty? Energy, skills and commitment carry no age barrier in the charitable sector!

Visit the Trustee Week web site and get answers to your questions here.

Source data from the Charity Commission:

MyDonate – a new charity service from British Telecom

myDonateLogoTypeBT have just launched MyDonate, a new service which will enable charities to more efficiently collect donations.

Online giving is not new, but the difference is that BT will, at the moment, make no charge for its service, with the giver only paying the card charges for his or her transfer to the charity. (BT says absorbing the cost of the scheme is part of its existing commitment to charitable support).

This new service is designed for registered UK charities and BT has collaborated with major charities in the UK, such as Cancer Research and the NSPCC to develop its offer.

This scheme compares favourably with JustGiving for example. This popular online service for charities charges the charity £15 a month and take 5% of your money in administration charges. The BT scheme means that all your donation goes to the charity.

If your charity has another online service for donations we think this new scheme from BT is worthy of your attention.

If you are a newly registered charity looking to explore the issues of online donations, then check out the MyDonate page from British Telecom.

Is change happening in our sector?