secBEANS bookshop now online

booksandbusinessPicThe secBEANS network have just published the pages of their online bookshop – beansBOOKS.

This is a great resource for getting information, ideas and seeing how others run their enterprise ideas. Every purchase you make from the bookshop sends a small amount to support SEC as a community charity too.

Have a look at the beansBOOKS pages. There are sections for the female entrepreneur, marketing and social media for all sorts of enterprises, as well as a section on how social business can change communities.

Buy with confidence from a book distributor you can trust – Amazon, and help your local community charity SEC…and get your enterprise idea in gear too!

Franchising a social business

copyPic4The Social Enterprise Coalition have just published a manual to help charities and social businesses replicate or franchise their business operations.

Franchising is most often a process associated with fast food outlets or profit maximisation, but this interesting hybrid manual from SEC helps to show social businesses how they can prepare and deliver, in partnership with others, a replicatable service, brand or organisational ethos in another community or geographical area.

You can download the Social Franchising manual here.

Here at Sandringham Enterprise, as a social enterprise ourselves, we are always interested in replicatable social business ideas and in how to help others deploy them.

As a development resource in our own right we have the skills available to help other organisations to deliver their repeatable business model in the not for profit sector. If we can help, let us know.

The SEC document contains the ten steps to readiness, some case studies for review and a template for a social franchising agreement.

A good starting point if you have a social enterprise you can duplicate in the service of others.

Volunteer Day 2010

The Centre recently staged a successful Volunteer Day on Wednesday, 20th October, 2010.

It was great to see so many people there, whether in uniform, groups from the Centre, mums and dads with children, visitors from the wider Voluntary Sector in the county and everyone else who was able to attend.

You can see the presentation that was playing on the day on our Visitor Day pages on our main website here. Keep up to date with our developments, if you weren’t able to attend.

As a team The Sandringham Enterprise Centre Limited is now a Company Limited by Guarantee, with the next step to complete our application to the Charity Commission to become a Charitable Company. Helping to raise new funds, deliver new services and support the work already taking place in our Centre.

We’ll also continue to keep you up to date on the Centre blog about the building works about to get under way too.

Start-up advice for social enterprises?

bagPicThe Trading Standards service of Norfolk County Council have a website service called ERWIN.

Everything regulation, whenever it’s needed – this is a great resource for anyone thinking of starting or developing a social enterprise or community business.

What information should I put in my adverts, how should I describe the contents of my food for sale or can I sell refurbished electrical equipment? Whatever your business idea, get guidance here.

The ERWIN service offers current information across a whole range of business types and allows you to review and save copies of your advice packs too.

Getting started or just thinking about a new business then ERWIN from Norfolk County Council Trading Standards is a great resource to help you get started.