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Are you strong?

Can you help in our Community Library?We are moving some furniture and books around in the library!

If we could get some helpful volunteers to support us in this process that would be great. Our aim is to improve accessibility to our books and library services, as well as give you some more space to sit, read and think whilst you’re in our space.

If you can help (…you don’t need to be Charles Atlas really…) thank you so much.

Please make contact with Sam in the libary to arrange how we can work together as a team on the world of books.

Digi-tale – teenagers online and books

digitalePicWorld Book Day 2011 generated a number of new sites about books and reading, as you would expect.

One we like is Digi-tale – a great web site for teenagers about books and reading. Sounds dull? It isn’t.

You can find a unique new short story from Louise Tennison that you can read online for free…‘How to make any Twit fall in love with you’. There’s the great Snogometer and opportunities to tweet your favourite books too.

There are videos on books and a great selection of recommended reads to get you thinking about books. There are even some vampires and werewolves wandering the web site too.

There is the opportunity to write a short story of your own and some great prizes.

Check out Digi-tale and see books you haven’t discovered yet.