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Sandringham Enterprise

A community charity serving Marham in Norfolk, UK and the residents of its hinterland


Our charitable aim is to provide innovative community buildings,

services  and events for education, leisure, jobs and training

The Sandringham Enterprise Centre Limited  Charity No. 1142804 -  A Company Limited by Guarantee in England & Wales  Company No. 7424061

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Social Enterprise









Funding Central NEWS




Our Charity blog


Call for prospective Trustees

We are always very pleased to hear from people interested in joining our Charity Board,

or talking to us about developing a new community project.


We have a number of interesting projects emerging in 2013, why not talk to us about how you can help, or even get your own idea on the table.We'll be happy to help with funding, idea development and any support we can give.

Use the Contact Us page on this web site to get to know the SEC team

business, enterprise and network support (BEANS)

Our burgeoning network of local social business start-ups and idea generators who, whilst working in our local area, want to find suppliers and customers from across the UK social business market.


You can subscribe for free updates to the beans blog here...

Sandringham Enterprise has a charity blog that you can subscribe to for free - keeping you up to date with charity governance and funding news.


We publish SEC news on the blog - Charity Commission news, new sources of funding and how

the SEC team can help with community organisation governance, structures and project delivery.

Check it out here...





Marham Community Library

A web site created to stimulate

reading, literacy and good books.




Enterprise Arts

A new social enterprise project which seeks to deliver a mixed community arts facility, incorporating art gallery, teaching spaces, community cafe and a ICT unit which will offer discounted services and support to local charities and community groups.


A collaborative project with partners in property development, local enterprise, third sector organisations, the local authority, arts organisations and volunteers. Supporting the ambitions of children, young people and adults - to be creative, skilled and employable.



web site


Marham Money

A LETS scheme for a rural

community. Helping each other

help ourselves, helping you!

Marham Voices:

Listening to the past in a rural and military landscape


Visit our Marham Voices web site for more project information

- here we will store our audio archive and

make copies of 'the book' freely available to all.




Our project

Press Release here

Sandringham Enterprise is delighted to have secured a substantial Heritage Lottery Fund grant to undertake an oral history project and create a written record of Marham and its surroundings across the 19th and 20th centuries...




Marham Voices logo design by Jim Simpson - read more on our project blog

Tell your story to our project...


Family history, your life in a village, your views on a changing landscape, how you remember the past in your community...


Email us at

Our community transport project: COMBUS

We are working to purchase, manage and deliver

a community transport bus for Marham and surrounding area.


Childcare runs, shopping trips, vehicle hire for 

events at weekends and evenings...

 See our donate page here...

SEC AGM 2013


Our annual general meeting was on May 15th, 2013 at Swaffham Community charity Chair and board members recruited.


Thank you to everyone who took part.


SEC wins Heritage Lottery Funding for history project...


See our charity blog for more details here.


Trustee Handbook


We have recently updated our policies / trustee handbook page.


You can find our articles as a charity and a selection of policies and best practice we use.


Feel free to adapt or copy for your own group or community enterprise.


Getting to grips with community finances?


Check out the links to Community Accountancy Self Help on the SEC blog...




If you already have an enterprise, or are thinking of getting started, why not volunteer to help get 'beans' off the ground.


We'll find a place to hold friendly, informal get togethers and create information and resources to help - at no cost.


Read more here...





Watch out for the secLEARNING portal - a new set of web pages offering access to information about community learning, free courses and a range of events we will be holding to promote learning and understanding.


SEC will be partnering with a range of organisations to bring access to new skills in West Norfolk and surrounding areas...



Would you like to help us deliver this new service? Volunteers to grow the project always welcome!

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